How to earn passive income by sharing the Internet?

  • Which location you are based out of. Someone in Europe will make more money than someone in India as server costs are higher in Europe
  • Number of Laptops/PCs and mobiles you have installed it on
  • The different IPs you have that can have machines running
  • How fast your Internet and computers are. The processing power does matter

Earning more and growing income

Honeygain is an excellent example of a passive income source that provides a steady income stream. You can optimize it to earn anywhere between $3 a month to $20 a month or even more. Here are the tips and tricks to get the max out of this.

Content Delivery feature

Multiple IPs

You would gain a lot more with different IPs. E.g., On your mobile or tablet, you can use Honeygain on your mobile network. Office systems can be used on Office connection and home on home Wi-Fi. There is a limit of just three devices per IP. So you will not earn more by adding any more devices to one internet connection

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can have only three devices per connection or IP address.
  • DO NOT USE VPN or any IP masking. Honeygain monitors fraudulent usage strictly, and I know several users who get banned for using VPN to have more devices. This will get you banned in a couple of hours, and you lose all your earnings.
  • Try to use more laptops and desktops continuously. They earn the most due to their Content Delivery potential.
  • Have a stable network connection and keep the app on always to earn the most
  • Remember, earnings are credited into your Paypal account and not a Bitcoin wallet. Many users are confused by this. Honeygain does not pay in cryptocurrencies or credits. They deliver real money to your Paypal wallet.

How many devices do I use?

I follow this setup that allows me to earn about $0.2 to $0.5 per day on the honey gain network. For now, on my home network, I have one laptop(1 Windows PC)and an app on my android phone.

Payment mode

You don’t need to download a bitcoin wallet. Honey gain pays you hard cash! They use a service called Tipalti to process payments. So once you have reached $20, you can request a price. A link will be sent to your registered email address to register with Tipalti. This is a simple process where your Paypal email address is collected.

Honeygain Referral Code

My referral code link is:



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