You don’t need a Costly Laptop or High-End Graphics Card to mine Bitcoin. Here’s How? No Investments🤩

Abhishek Singh
3 min readJun 12, 2021


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. It is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange directly, without an intermediary like a bank.

Myths which are nothing but Myths 😆

  1. It is a method to scam people.
  2. You get richer as soon as you invest here.
  3. It’s very costly.
  4. It is illegal.
  5. To mine, you will need a very costly CPU, PC, Desktop, Graphics Card etc.

Now to 2021 — The Future of Mining

Bitcoin mining was difficult in the past because you needed to have a high-end graphics card. It used all the computing power of a PC.

But now it’s easy as making Maggi or taking a breath. You don’t have to do anything, and I mean, you don’t even break a sweat.

Now, How is that possible?😏

CryptoTab is a fantastic browser with an inbuilt mining feature. It does not affect your computer performance in any manner. You have to keep the tab open. And you can do whatever you need to do like in any other browser. It is fast, more reliable and blocks ads in comparison to Chrome. It’s legal and the first browser with mining capabilities.

Every day, you guys have to agree. Chrome is now 24 * 7 Ads Marathon. Start using CryptoTab soon. It also has a speed-boosting feature that increases mining speed. The more you mine, the more you earn. Its minimum withdrawal is 0.00001BTC. Not only that, it has no restriction on multiple logins. So, you can log in with the same id everywhere on your Desktop, Laptop, or Smartphone. The more, the merrier.

You might probably feel like using someone’s else Netflix at your comfort and which costs you zero. Twenty million people have already joined and started earning. So what are you waiting for?

I remember the link. Here is the link 👇

I know I won’t be getting rich in a few days, but still, something is better than nothing. Start earning, and I will let you know in my next blog how to use it wisely.

Let me know if you want to know anything else. Any suggestion on the article is also welcome.



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